Calnex Case Study - Power Skills


Calnex Solutions was founded in 2006 in Linlithgow, Scotland, and now has locations in Northern Ireland, England and California, and sales teams in China and India making them a truly multinational and multicultural team.

As trailblazers in the test and measurement industry, they design, produce and market test instrumentation and solutions for network synchronization and emulation, helping to manage the performance of critical telecoms network infrastructure.  

The Challenge

Calnex experienced a 40% growth in turnover and headcount in 12 months!  In order to support their people through the changes, Calnex wanted to strengthen essential skills across their business, cement their culture and prepare for future growth. 

The Solution

Connect Three created a survey and compiled the results of 130 responses in order to develop the right training on the best topics for the team.  We then created the Power Skills Workshop Programme as a series of interactive sessions designed to aid the development and improvement of non-technical skills.

We built the sessions to be engaging, exciting, and an opportunity for Calnex people to network outside of their teams.  The sessions were open to all employees.

The workshops covered 13 Power Skills:

  1. Understanding Self & Others
  2. Resilience & Change
  3. Time Management
  4. Super Powering Communication & Influencing
  5. Intro to Coaching
  6. Project Management
  7. Courageous Conversations
  8. Preparing for and Participating in Meetings
  9. Teamwork & Contribution
  10. Intro to Emotional Intelligence
  11. Intro to Psychological Safety
  12. How to develop a Global Mindset
  13. Creativity & Innovation

Catering for a Busy, Multinational Workforce

So that we could accommodate the most amount of people across the organisation, we offered a flexible approach to the training.  We provided in-person, hybrid, and remote training options, and repeated each training 4 times in order to cover a variety of time zones and locations.  As the courses did not need to be attended in order, people could choose the best time and day to suit them for each course they wanted to attend.

The Impact

Connect Three has worked with Calnex on multiple projects over the last 2 years.  We ran the Power Skills Workshops as part of a larger programme of work with Calnex that included:

  • helping them to create a people strategy
  • designing and developing a leadership training programme
  • helping with Insights at a team level
  • carrying out deep dive and exploration sessions with the CEO & HR teams
  • and a senior team development programme including creating psychological safety and EDI awareness in order to help shape culture. 

“The first round of the programme attracted around 50% of our workforce with over half of them attending 3 or more sessions.  There was great feedback from the first round participants. In our recent annual employee survey, 97% of respondents believe there is sufficient opportunity to meet their individual career/growth aspirations within Calnex.”

We have recently launched a second cohort of the Power Skills programme and are working with the Calnex USA team on some personalised development work to suit their specific needs.


What Calnex Says...

The programme is already achieving much of what we hoped it would:

  • The chance for employees to benchmark and improve on skills.
  • A safe, enjoyable and collaborative learning environment.
  • Training that will support us all through growth and change.
  • A learning experience that will support us in our desire to develop and create learning opportunities for our teams.
  • Raising self-awareness to support us all through learning and change.
  • Accessible learning that doesn’t take up too much time encouraging employees to take part.
  • A diverse range of employees attending from different departments and disciplines including 22 nationalities at Calnex Linlithgow alone.
  • More people connecting and learning with employees from different areas of the business.


“The Power Skills has been a great experience. […] The skills learnt during these sessions have provided me with more awareness and confidence when communicating and collaborating as part of a multicultural team at Calnex.”

Rebecca Moffett

“The sessions provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on current ways of working. I found there was always at least one useful concept or insight that can be applied immediately.”

Steven Alcock

“I really enjoyed the power skill sessions […] they definitely got me thinking about my overall interaction with different people and how I could make more consideration for how other people think and work.”

Andrea Maguire

“Power Skills courses have been a nudge in the side to remind one-self to broaden their horizon. It is very easy to think that people see things as we do. Most course content would challenge that but nowhere near as much as the discussions ensuing between participants. The foray into unconscious bias was particularly interesting to me.”

Sébastien Saury

“I took the opportunity to sign up for all of the Power Skills courses that were being offered […] a good number of them explored topics that I had never considered before or offered a different way of thinking about the topics. They were all presented in a fun and interactive manner.”

Paul McGee

"These sessions have been far more valuable than we ever could have realised. From the outset Connect Three were instrumental in helping us take the right approach for this important area of learning. It’s often hard to know where to start for something so significant so it was great to take it right back to the fundamentals to help us understand ourselves as humans first and foremost, and the things can influence our emotions, behaviours and ultimately the way we interact with one another.
"During the sessions, we were able to take the time to look inward as individuals and as teams, to think about the space we create for one another and how we can truly live and breathe our values. We have always been fully invested in creating values which we believe in and actually mean something.
"So many company values are on a list somewhere and get forgotten about and that is something we’ve always worked hard to avoid at MadeBrave. From getting the values up on the walls or bringing them to life through song and artist collaborations, our aim has always been to make sure that our team believes in them and can see and feel them in action.
"During these sessions, we quickly realised that to ask our team to truly ‘Be Their Weird Self’ or to operate as ‘Amigos without Egos’ and ‘Be Brave’ we have to create an environment that enables and proactively champions the behaviours that facilitate these values. To truly create that sense of belonging and inclusion, which then promotes equality and facilitates diversity – we have to start by understanding ourselves."



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