Living out our values.

At Connect Three we believe in practicing what we preach, which is why we celebrate our success by giving back.

We are formally committed to donate the equivalent of 5% or more of our time through pro-bono services.


Connect Three is B Corp Certified

In 2021 we officially achieved our B Corp Status.  The accreditation rewards our work to become one of the UK's most ethical companies and achieving it has been our goal for a long time.  Giving Back is at the heart of our business, and we are passionate about living out our values and showing that business can, and should, put people over profit, and to be rewarded for our efforts has been a fantastic boost for the team.

To become an accredited B Corp, every aspect of our business was graded against the association's rigorous testing system, 'The B Impact Assessment'.  We were judged on how our day-to-day operations create positive impact for our people, our community, and the environment, and what our business is doing to make a positive social impact in the wider world.

Find out more about what the certification means to us.



Zero Carbon Focus

Connect Three is committed to promoting sustainability in all our business practices. We aim to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help our employees, associate consultants and clients to do the same.

Our policies include encouraging responsible travel for all of our employees and associates, and actively monitoring our paper and energy usage.

We are working with Ecologi to help Connect Three offset its carbon footprint.  So far, there are 880 trees in our forest (as of September 2021) and that's just the beginning.

Find out more about Ecologi and how we're getting on so far.



Fair Work

We are committed to implementing the Scottish Government’s Fair Work framework which is centred around allowing employees to feel secure at work, have a voice, have opportunities, feel respected and be fulfilled in their roles.  We are proud recipients of the Glasgow Business Awards' Fair Work Award 2019!

Find out more about our commitment to Fair Work here.


Scottish Business Pledge &
Investors in Young People

We have been awarded our Investors in Young People Accreditation and we have made the Scottish Business Pledge, pledging that we meet the following:

  • Pay above Living Wage,
  • No Zero Hours Contract,
  • Invest in Workforce Engagement,
  • Invest in Youth,
  • Adopt Innovation,
  • Focus on Internationalisation,
  • Have a balanced Workforce,
  • Increase Community Focus,
  • Prompt Payment for Suppliers.

HR Internships

We’re committed to supporting the MSc HRM programme at Glasgow Caledonian University by hosting one of their students on an internship as often as we can.

We have just completed an internship and we will be interviewing for our 2021 position soon.


Career Ready Scotland

Each year we take on a fully paid intern as part of the Career Ready Scotland programme which helps to progress young people (S5/S6 students) to positive post school destinations by equipping them with the skills necessary and giving them access to a support network.

Find out more here


Social Bite and Sleep in the Park 

Since December 2018, when we took part in the Glasgow Sleep in the Park event, we have been committed to doing what we can to raise money for Social Bite and other charities focused on ending homelessness in Scotland.

"We heard from people who had been in great jobs with families and lovely homes, with 6 figure salaries, who then became homeless. It was a real eye opener as to how fragile we are and how no one is immune to this. Imagine the agony of waking up in a doorway knowing you have to do it all again, night after night. The thought of winter on the streets kills me, and I'm so thankful that we are doing what we can to help." Barbs

As well as donating financially to these charities, we like to offer support with our time.  We have had to get a little creative with this during lockdown, but we have a plan and will update with more information soon...

Visit their website to pledge your support to Social Bite.



We are proud to do what we can to support the work of the incredible Say Women charity.  

"I have been lucky enough to visit their Bell Street site, meet some of the young women, and see first hand the atmosphere of belonging that they create. From speaking to the charity’s CEO and board members, this is a charity that is forged on so much passion and compassion, but also respect for the young women. The things I value most in life are what this charity aims to give to women when they need it most and that can only be a great thing." Katy

Last year we donated Christmas presents to some of the women in the accomodation, and this year we're pleased to be in the position to give gifts to every young woman and young person supported by SayWomen. We have gifted a self-care pack with journals, slippers, selection boxes, toiletries, and other small gifts to over 65 of the residents and service users.

As well as donating and attending their fundraising and networking events, Katy has offered support to their training team and we'll continue to do what we can.

If you'd like to find out more how you can support Say Women, please visit their website.


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