While we are all naturally resilient, the last few months have heightened our need to remind ourselves of our existing resilience ability and take action to develop and build our resilience.
Connect Three want to give Glasgow Chamber of Commerce members the opportunity to experience a fantastic new resilience tool we have become accredited in.

The lucky winner will be asked to complete a 12 minute secure questionnaire, designed to identify 9 elements of emotional well-being and resilience and in return receive a report which will provide detailed insights to raise their personal awareness, help them to understand and reflect how they operate when under pressure and recognise the strengths they already have to enable them to feel resilient plus a one-to-one 60 mins virtual feedback session to explore further.

To enter this prize draw please complete the following information before 25th September 2020 and the lucky winner will be notified by 2nd October 2020:

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