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Mcsherry Halliday

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McSherry Halliday is facing significant necessary changes driven by the need to have succession plans in place. Strategy and structure require to be set out to enable an easy transition.  There is recognition of a need to develop internal resource and possibly to recruit external resource to enable the partners to gradually retire from the business and there needs to be planning associated with this.

There is a desire to modernise the business and take advantage of the situation that occurred throughout the pandemic to embrace technology and use it to enhance the services offered online. 

Finally, the business also sees the opportunity to bring the sometimes disparate teams together under one roof to improve service and to improve knowledge sharing and development.



Connect Three worked with the team to support them to develop a clear strategy for the short, medium and long term. We clearly specified objectives and ownership for various projects; created and embedded values; introduced career conversations and developed the leadership team.

 We did this by facilitating several online sessions mainly with the leadership team but also incorporating the full team when launching the values, to agree objectives and clarify aspirations.



It was clear that the partners who are looking to retire want the business to continue to flourish and wish to leave behind a legacy which can be built upon with the current team and any future team members. 

We were able to support them to achieve clarity through having some challenging conversations and sharing aspirations which had previously been mooted but which perhaps had never been spoken about openly and candidly.

We gained complete clarity on their direction and also benefitted from creating a definite course of action to be followed.

Ongoing engagement also ensured that someone was holding them accountable to their actions!

What McSherry Halliday said about us...

"We have really enjoyed working with Connect Three on this project which was supported by our local council.  We felt that the straight talking and fairly informal approach taken by Vicky worked really well for us.  She wasn’t afraid to challenge us and made us face up to some necessary truths.

It really was a great experience and we hope to continue our partnership with Connect Three for years to come.  We know we’ll be benefitting from the input for many years!"

How did Connect Three help make a difference?

Connect Three helped make a difference by challenging us and giving us clarity on what we wanted and needed to do as well as giving us a plan of action to get there.

What was unique about the support?

It was tailored to meet our needs and Vicky was very supportive and flexible in working with us.  We had reservations about the extent to which it could be carried out virtually but we were pleasantly surprised with what we could achieve in this remote format.

How has this support helped you against business performance measures?

It’s helped us to clarify our strategic direction and forced us to commit to timescales that we had previously failed to firm up on. It has helped us to drive team performance and gain a better understanding of our skills set and recognise any gaps so as to take action to fill or develop these. Our team are very excited by the direction that we’re taking and the way in which we’re involving them in the full process. 

We’re delighted with the support we’ve had and recognise the value in taking time out of the business to engage in this type of activity for the development of the business, something we have failed to prioritise in the past.



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