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Revenue Scotland is a relatively new government agency formed in 2015.  It’s main function is to manage the collection of both the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) and Scottish Landfill Tax (SLfT).  They are still in the process of building the appropriate infrastructure to enable individual and team performance and are working hard, with a relatively small team, to build internal capability and capacity for the longer term. 



Organisational learning is a priority for the business.  It has been highlighted in various employee engagement surveys and has been recognised across the organisation that there are few standard practices/processes in place and that, generally, individual learning experiences varied as it was based on on-job learning and knowledge transfer lacked consistency and structure.  Individuals are keen to develop their knowledge and understanding of the organisation and its functions to understand where their role fits and the impact of their actions. 

The challenge therefore was to build a foundation programme that provided a base level of knowledge across all the powers devolved to the organisation in legislationcovering the what , why, how, impact and consequences.  The programme was scoped out already and we had a clear understanding of the requirements but the key was to use the internal team knowledge and skills to build materials and content to ensure that there was a sustainable programme available for the future that could be managed and delivered by an internal team.



Connect Three partnered with Revenue Scotland to work with a team of internal Training Champions and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to design, develop and deliver nine foundation modules aimed at bringing everyone up to the same level of basic knowledge across the full organisation.  This involved running Train the trainer workshops to instil basic training analysis, design, delivery and evaluation principles and also providing supportive individual and team coaching to build skill and capability in these areas.  It was then about working with the identified experts to create the content, challenge the processes and assumptions and create the most interactive workshops possible that could be delivered in both the physical and virtual classroom environment.

We also provided expertise in areas that were not expected to be held in house such as creating animation videos etc. to illustrate often dry content in an engaging and interactive way.



The programme has been delivered in full and will continue to be delivered for the foreseeable future to ensure all existing and new employees have a basic level of understanding of their role and the impact it has on others. 

Employee engagement with the programme has been very positive with fantastic feedback especially regarding the success of the shift from classroom to online delivery.  RS are also seeing a significant shift in where the ownership for learning sits and the gradual shift from the OD team and managers towards the individual has certainly started which was one of the key objectives of the project.



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