Baseline: A starting point – a position that serves as a point of comparison for measuring progress.

The pressure on businesses to improve their sustainability is mounting from all sides, with the UK Government considering regulatory measures; consumers aligning their spending with their values; and sustainability-conscious companies outpacing their counterparts.  It’s no longer a suggestion that businesses should be reporting on their sustainability actions and progress, but a resounding demand that organisations can no longer afford to ignore.

In this era of heightened awareness and action, the message is clear: don't be left behind.  The risks of inaction are real, but so are the boundless opportunities awaiting those who embark on the journey towards sustainable growth. 

It’s no longer about simply surviving, it's about thriving in a world where sustainability is paramount. From winning tenders to attracting top-tier talent and securing vital investments, the benefits of embracing sustainable practices are abundant. But how can you report on sustainability progress when you don’t even have a plan?  How to know what you’re aiming for, if you don’t even have a baseline?

And how can you know your baseline if you don’t track anything?

This is a common response from the companies we engage with on their ESG journey.  By measuring your baseline - your current status - you can establish how far you have to go and make a plan to get you there. 

And we’ve never met a company that didn’t track anything

You may not know what your carbon output is, but at Connect Three, we believe that holistic sustainability includes all three pillars of ESG – Environmental Management, Social Impact and Good Governance.  All compliant companies are already reporting on some key governance metrics like revenue and profitability, so you are measuring some things! But what else could your ESG baseline include?

Measuring Your Baseline in 7 minutes

If you would like to get an idea of your baseline as you embark on your ESG journey – or even if you have started to implement changes and you want to see how far you have to go – Connect Three’s ESG team have created a free ESG Diagnostic tool.  It is a 16 question, 7 minute survey that helps businesses to establish where they are, and offers advice for the next steps they should take on their sustainable growth journey.

If you complete the Diagnostic and realise that you are not as far along in your ESG journey as you would like to be, then get in touch with Connect Three.  We’re on a mission to make the planet a better place to work and live, by supporting companies to grow sustainably.  It’s good for their people, their wider stakeholders, and the planet.  We can help you to establish your baseline, or lead you on your next steps, from strategy, through to action, and to making the impact you ultimately want to achieve.

We work with businesses at every stage of their ESG journey, so even if you got a good score or better than you expected on your baseline audit - get in touch today and get some positive momentum on your sustainable growth journey.