IOM Case Study


Company Information

The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) is an organisation with a great history and unlimited potential for the future.  They have been at the forefront of scientific research to understand and mitigate a range of occupational and environmental health risks since founded as a research charity in 1969 by the National Coal Board.

In 2019 they turned 50 years old. As well as covering the United Kingdom and Ireland, their work takes them across the world into Asia, North and South America, Africa and continental Europe.  They are a leading player in Europe and in 2012 successfully opened their first overseas office in Singapore, enabling them to expand in Asia where it was clear that there was a great need for their expertise. 


Our Principles

A draft business strategy had been developed primarily by the newly appointed CEO, Rob Aitken and the Senior Team. Although there had been consultation with the workforce through that process, full engagement and buy in was missing. Previous attempts to build a more strategic approach had largely been unsuccessful, a new approach was required.

The challenge was to shape the strategy and bring it alive against a backdrop of a legacy culture where the people had not been used to being involved in strategy creation or implementation or saw the value of it. IOM were looking to implement a step change in their approach.  This was going to involve people thinking and behaving differently to what had gone before.  



Connect Three partnered with IOM and together we helped shape elements of the strategy and linked this back to their newly defined purpose and values. We then looked at ways to bring this alive for the workforce. This resulted in creating their first Strategy booklet that was professionally designed which made the information clear and accessible to the entire workforce.

We then identified that a strategy launch event was the first pin on the roadmap and working together helped each Director script and confidently facilitate a round table interactive session on one key part of the strategy each to help make this practical and tangible for all staff. Our involvement continued after this successful launch whereby we continued to support the senior team with ¼ly strategy sessions to align the senior team around the strategy and measure progress against milestones.  We focussed on ensuring all communication linked back to the strategic priorities and their purpose.



The support helped IOM drive the right performance from their people having improved clarity on the direction and personal expectations across the workforce. This intervention also helped to strengthen and align the senior leadership team who bought into the process and increased ownership within the senior team and across all levels of staff.

Ultimately everyone understood the vision, what the strategy meant as well as the value of the strategy to the organisation.  Not only that it supported the organisation to manage accountability and tackle behavioural issues which had previously not been tackled effectively. IOM are still linking everything they do back to the strategy and to the work we did with them in 2018 and have grown and matured as an organisation and a team helping them to realise their potential and achieve progress towards their vision.


How did Connect Three
help make a difference?

  • Opened our eyes to a range of ideas, solutions and new thinking

  • Helped us to focus on using the strategy to drive the organisation forward and to enable people to see how they have contribution matters

  • Gave us the confidence to make challenging decisions and follow them through effectively

  • Enabled us to work together more cohesively as a team and as leaders

What was unique
about the support?

  • It was bespoke and tailored to what we needed at the time

  • The support grew organically throughout the process

  • It enabled us to learn lessons through practice rather than theoretical concepts

  • The C3 team became part of our IOM family and took the time to really understand the business and our people

How has this support
helped you against business performance measures?

  • We are more action’s focussed and able to drive change more effectively

  • We have seen an improvement in engagement and productivity

  • Our people understand the business goals better and how their role fits within the strategy



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